Hola VPN sees hundreds of thousands of installs in Ukraine, as government shuts down giant Russian sites

According to The Guardian, on Tuesday May 16, 2017, the Ukrainian government began blocking access to highly-popular Russian websites like Yandex and VK. The blocking of Russian sites was established to support Ukrainian sanctions on Russia.

To regain access to a free web, over 300,000 Ukrainians have turned to HolaVPN, which since its launch in 2013, has been used by more than 118 million people around the world.

The reason that so many Ukrainians turned to Hola over other VPN providers is because Hola VPN provides its service FREE for noncommercial use. Hola can do this because, unlike other VPNs, Hola is the first to use a peer-to-peer (P2P) community network. While most VPN providers rely on expensive and power-hungry servers, Hola routes your traffic through other peers in the Hola network.

In the Hola community, each user shares a small portion of his idle unused resources for the benefit of the entire community. This allows Hola to provide you with a superior VPN service with minimal underlying costs and without requiring subscriptions or ads. For corporations, we provide the same VPN service but for a fee (through our Luminati brand). This enables us to make Hola VPN free for everyone else and we plan to keep it free forever!

Hola VPN’s community-powered (P2P) network also provides greater SECURITY and RELIABILITY than other VPNs. Because Hola VPN uses real peers to route your traffic (again, rather than proxy servers), it makes you more anonymous and more secure than regular VPN services. This also means that Hola is harder to detect and block.

Small wonder that in times of political turmoil, ordinary folks around the world turn to Hola VPN for free access to the Web!